Episode 004 – Youth Voting

With the announcement of the snap election taking place in less than 51 days in the UK, Mark and I speak about a culture that violently effects young people. We talk voting trends with young people, why it’s important and needs to change, and what can be done to help change it.

5:00 Youth voting trends in the United Kingdom8:00 Youth voting trends in New Zealand
12:00 Why are young people not turning up to vote?
15:00 How young people feel around voting and qualities they would like to see in politics
22:30 Hustling backwards when voting and the pointlessness of a true democracy
27:00 Wait we’re still doing first past the post? In a first world country!?
30:00 So what is the problem with young people not voting?
32:00 Violent policies against young people
39:45 How to increase voter turnout
47:00 A recommendation to increase voter turn out from the Australian political system
48:00 Early thoughts on Kung Fu Kenny’s Album “Damn”


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