Episode 010 – Kneeling to Stand.

With Rob McNair deciding that he doesn’t want the “inmates” to run the prison we figured it was time to talk about the NFL.

Mark and Kelechi joined up to talk about the NFL taking a knee, the many ways to disrespect the American National Anthem, what you can or can not get fired for in the NFL, how to protest without offending anyone.

*The pod was recorded almost a month ago following the fresh comments by President Trump (it doesn’t get any weirder writing that btw) but is still how relevant.

Episode 008 – Premier League Pay Inequality

Mark and Kelechi are back with a brand new episode of DSG.

Last weekend the Premier League returned. At the same time, the Telegraph published an investigation showing that only 2 Premier League teams pay the living wage to employees.

We discuss how much money floats around the league, what obligation stars and clubs have to change the system, and how football clubs monetise their working class history and fans.

The podcast opens with our reflection on events in Charlottesville earlier in the Month.